if countries were students

Australia: The class clown who makes everyone laugh
America: The jock who loves themselves and everyone secretly hates
Canada: The nice person who offers to show you around on your first day
England: The hot boy everybody wants to bang because he's a gentlemen
New Zealand: Australia's little brother who is the only one who thinks Australia sucks
The Netherlands: That high kid in the back that everyone just ignores
France: The romantic playboy who hangs around England too much
China: The overly smart kid who puts his hand up for every question
Russia: The scary large kid that nobody talks to because they'll probably get stabbed



I cannot properly describe how happy this song makes me. The musical arrangement, instruments, vocals, and melody are just so jaunty and light and uplifting. 

Do yourself a favor and have a dance party to this song. You’re welcome. 


My favorite part of the book and the movie was this. Even though I love Hazel and Gus’ love story. The love between Isaac and Gus makes me so happy. ❤️❤️😁👍 I love it. #tfios

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"People perceive you as somewhat…"


" ‘Heinous bitch’ is the term used most often." 

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this was the best ending to any movie ever. ever. 

no one can convince me otherwise. 

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party at my house bring food then leave

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if you’ve never cancelled plans at least once because of hockey you’re lying

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DISNEY MEME: [3/10] Favorite Movies » The Princess and the Frog

"The evening star is shinin’ bright. So make a wish and hold on tight. There’s magic in the air tonight, and anything can happen.”

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Sam Tageson lives the Shark fan’s dream

 ”Sam Tageson, a 17-year-old with a life-threatening heart condition, became the first non-active NHLer to emerge from the giant shark head prior to the team’s pre-game skate at SAP Center. After signing a one-day contract with the Sharks, Tageson stood next to San Jose’s starters as they took in the national anthem prior to Tuesday night’s game. When he was introduced to the 17,562 in attendance, Tageson, who suffers from hypoplastic left heart syndrome, broke down crying amid a standing ovation.” {article & video

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 all the things i ship ★ jess mariano and rory gilmore

i think i may have loved you, but i just need to let it go. so, that’s it, i guess. um, i hope you’re good. i want you to be good, and, um, okay, so, goodbye. that word sounds really lame and stupid right now, but there it is. goodbye.

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